NZ Vintage Tools Collectors Club

The New Zealand Vintage Tool Collectors Club is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is promoting the collection and presentation of vintage and antique tools in New Zealand.

The club was founded in 1987 when three men met by chance at an auction. The club has now grown to over 200 members.

Members are located throughout New Zealand. Members in other countries include: Australia, UK, USA and Canada

Agenda for Club MeetingsPresident - Jules Flight
Vice President - Stirling Mayo
Secretary - Unfilled
Treasurer - Peter Yeo
Editor - Malcolm Stokes

Committee: Chris Boucher, Gilles Copin, Bob Moore, Des Barnes.

LIFE MEMBERS: Max Barclay, Des Barnes, David Chandler, Bob Moore, Neil Searle, Malcolm Stokes, John van Erp.


Fees to become a member of NZVTCC are outlined below.

Members in the Auckland metropolation area $50
Members outside of Auckland $40
Overseas Members $50

To join print out this PDF form.


The collector is the official magazine of NZVTCC. It is published four times per year.

The Inventions of Camille Contal

Manufactured in the early decades of the twentieth century, this curious four-speed breast drill was designed by a prolific French inventor named Camille Contal (1868-1960). Between 1900 and 1930, he successfully registered multiple patents in France, the USA, and Germany.

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