Hutchens Patent Shoot Board

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Hutchens Patent Shoot Board

This is a basic type of shoot board, 45 degrees is all you get, and there is no patent date that I can find.
The operation of this shoot board differs from other makes in that you move the plane by working the handle as shown in the images. Not easy when you also have to hold the stock by hand.
There appears not to have been any method of holding the stock mechanically other than by hand.
I would guess that this was made in the UK, perhaps a limited production, I know of one other that was shown in a woodworking magazine in the UK about five years ago.
Any information would be appreciated. Please use form on Contact age.

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  1. Michael Brodribb

    Interesting website noticed the Hutchens patent, it is very similar to the one I’ve got. I have noticed a couple of differences, including the the angled fence, mine is just a right angle no radius name bar, the company name is cast into the bed of the shoot board. The colour of my one is navy and red.

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