The Interesting Tools page is where we show pictures of interesting tools provided by NZVTCC Members.

Unusual Rule

This unusual rule is boxwood, arch joint, 2′ long with an extra brass hinge. 4 to 5 fold.
The rule can be fastened in a 90 degree angle as shown. Patent # 112104 and a date: 1917.
Possibly made as a one off by an apprentice in the company factory.

Hutchens Patent Shoot Board

This is a basic type of shoot board, 45 degrees is all you get, and there is no patent date that I can find.

The operation of this shoot board differs from other makes in that you move the plane by working the handle as shown in the images. Not easy when you also have to hold the stock by hand.

There appears not to have been any method of holding the stock mechanically other than by hand.

I would guess that this was made in the UK, perhaps a limited production, I know of one other that was shown in a woodworking magazine in the UK about five years ago.

Any information would be appreciated. Please use form on Contact age.

Camel Back Drill

I would like any information about this Camel back drill

Belt driven is in good nick and was used till 4 weeks ago. I can see that the bottom shaft is cut off just after the big V-belt pulley. On the casting is ” British Make”? and a bit lower Type E. see picture. Can any one tell me more about this drill and who made it ?

I have one reply from, In his email he states that these type of drills where made from 1900 till about 1930 by Denbigh, Kitchen&Wade and Kitchen& Walker. Small ones like this are unusual and now rare. Surprisingly bigger ones seem to have survived in larger numbers.

After a clean up I will use this in my workshop.

Bernhard Riddering, Master Cabinetmakers email:

Norris # 2 dovetailed smoothing plane

An extremely rare Norris # 2 dovetailed smoothing plane. Rosewood infill, possibly 1909. From the collection of a member of the club

Unusual Ivory Rule

An ivory rule with a propelling pencil, an ink dip pen and two knife blades. The knife blades are stamped L.B. with Sheffield stamped underneath. Any information would be appreciated, please use “contact” on website.