The American patented braces shown on this and the following pages are rated from Ronald Pearson’s book ”The American Patented Brace 1829-1924”. This rating has now become generally accepted by brace collectors around the world and used on eBay.

Although the ratings are based on Ronald Pearson’s personal observations, it does give a good idea of rarity. With the widespread use of the Internet, more specimens of a once thought rare tool have surfaced than originally thought existed.

NS = No examples seen.
A = Fewer than five examples seen.
B = Between six and twenty examples seen.
C = Over twenty examples seen, but not common
FF = Found frequently

Goodrich, Joseph
Location : Henry, IL
Patent #308356
Type : Nut and tap wrench.
There are two patents for J. Goodrich, this brace has the Dec.10, 1878 date
Rarity : NS
Heard, George
Location : Painesville, OH
Patent # 779079
Type : Knock-down bit-stock
Date : Jan 3, 1905
Rarity : A
Chamberlain, Dexter
Location : Boston, MA
Patent # 10499
Type : Drill or bit stock
Date : Feb. 7, 1854
Rarity : A
Stackpole, Greenfeaf
Location : Portland, ME
Patent # 63438
Type : Bit brace
Date : April 2, 1867
Rarity : B
Derlon, Arthur
Location : Paris, France
Patent #481526
Type : Universal-jointed brace
Date : Aug 23, 1892
Rarity : B
The two specimens shown come under the one patent.
Bennett, Alexander & Bloedel, Philip
Location: Buffalo, NY
Patent # 801566
Type : Brace-drill
Date : Oct 10, 1905
Rarity : B

This brace was manufactured by E.C . Atkins & Co. and is commonly referred to as an Atkins brace. A similar specimen was made by the Lancaster Machine & Knife Works.
The crank arm of the Lancaster brace is a casting, whereas the Atkins is wrought iron.

Zirikelback, Joseph
Location : buffalo, NY
Patent # 438338
Type : Ratchet bit brace
Date : Oct 14, 1890
Rarity : NS
Manufactured by L.M. & K. Wks, Lancaster, NY
Colvin, F.J .
Location : Hamden, CT
Patent # 518938
Type : Bit stock; chuck with spring mechanism
Date: May 1, 1894
Rarity: B
Gavin, George & Cromer, Lawrence
Location: Eureka, NY
Patent # 366826
Type: Bit brace
Date: July 19, 1887
Rarity: A
GOODALL, Albert D.
Location: Shelburne Falls, Ma
Patent # 789536
Type: Corner brace
Date: May 9th,1905
Rarity: B
DARLING, Benjimin B.
Location: Bridgewater, MA
Patent # 83261
Type: Bit stock
Date: Oct 20th, 1868
Rarity: B

PALMER, Alfred J.
Location: Carlton, NY
Patent # 210553
Type: Washer cutter
Date: Dec 3rd, 1878
Rarity: B
Note: One spur is missing