Staples, Charles E.
Location: Worcester, Mass.
Patent # Not applied for
Type : Bit Brace
Date: Unknown (1800’s)
Rarity: Very rare
Notes: Number “44” on chuck shell

Ruger, William B.
Location : Southport, Conn.
Patent # D151719
Type : Brace (Outline of a brace)
Date : Nov 9, 1948
Notes : Marketed under ARTISAN trademark

Leland, John A.
Location: Montague, MA
Patent # 912582
Type: Chuck
Date: Feb 16, 1909
Notes: Used in Ruger designed braces. Marketed by Seymour Smith & Sons, Oakville, Conn.

Stowell A. L.
Location: New Britain, CT
Patent # 1880521
Type: Bit or drill holder
Date: Oct 4, 1932
Notes; Stanley Works, No. 811

Cook, H. J.
Location: New Britain, Conn
Patent # 1915245
Type: Fastening means for bit brace chucks
Notes: Stanley Works, No. 811
Overtree, G. M. & McMillen, V. V.
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Patent # 1275593
Type: Brace (Rotating tools, nuts and screws)
Date: Aug 13, 1918
Bauwens, Seraphine F.
Location: Chicago, Cook County, IL
Patent # 1469711
Type: Wire twister brace (wire joining tool)
Date: Oct 02, 1923
Notes: Manufacturer- One Box Machine Makers, Rockaway, NJ.