Trevor McConchie, Auckland New Zealand, with his toolbox modelled on the H. O Studley toolbox published by Taunton Press in ‘Fine Woodworking’.

The box is the same dimensions as Studley’s, 39 inches high, 19½ inches wide and 9½ deep, (near enough to I metre, by half a metre, by quarter of a metre).

Made in New Zealand Kauri, with half-inch Brazilin rosewood on the opening edges, New Zealand Rewarewa (honeysuckle) moulding around the drawer fronts, and New Zealand Rimu knobs on all drawers and other opening devices. 365 hand dovetails and 450 finger jointed dovetails, (not a single nail in it).

The box holds 412 tools, 85% of which are antique and used by Trevor in his Joinery business. All the tools requiring a device to hold them in place are held with a wooden toggle made in African rosewood, no modern holding devices

Some of the collectable tools are a Stanley #55 with all the standard 52 cutters plus 40 extra ones, a Mathieson dovetail infill 17-inch jointer and a Mathieson 9 inch dovetail infill smoother. Stanley 10¼, 72, 113, 98 and 99 with depth stops. I don’t have a #‘1’ like Studley, but do have a # 2, to name but a few. Behind the panel on the right as you look at the toolbox are three Disston saws, 4½, 6 and 14 teeth to the inch saws. The box also contains many Edward Preston tools.

The photo below was taken at a tool display by the New Zealand Vintage Tools Collectors Club at a time when Trevor was the President.